Terms of Service

 These Terms of Service (the “Terms”) govern your use of the mobile device application (the “App”), which is provided by IGNITION M, Co., Ltd. (“we”). In these Terms, there are terms that shall mean to what Japan’s Copyright Act, Patent Act, and Intellectual Property Law identify. The Japanese version of the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy is the original document. In the event of any conflicts or inconsistencies between any translated documents or our Services, the Japanese version shall prevail.

Article 1. About the Terms

1. By using the App, you are agreeing to these Terms, and our Privacy Policy located at “https://www.ign-m.com/privacy-en”.
2. We may establish regulation (not necessarily set as the Terms, guidelines, etc.) for the App or the official website (the “Site”) which you may transit from the App. In this case, the regulation shall be applicable as a part of this Terms. If any provision of the regulation is inconsistent with any provision of the Terms, such provision of the regulation shall prevail.

Article 2. Changes to the Terms

1. We may modify these Terms from time to time. If we do so, you will be given notice, including effective date and material change on the Site.
2. By using the App after effective date for change of the Terms, you are agreeing to the change. If you do not agree to change, do not use the App after effective date.

Article 3. Agreement to the Terms

1. We grant you right of use of the App on an information device (the “Device”), such as a smartphone and tablet owned by you under condition that you comply with the Terms.
2. We reserve all rights in and to the App not expressly granted to you under these Terms.
3. Except as expressly permitted by us, you may not: (i) copy, modify, or create derivative works based on the App; (ii) distribute, transfer, sublicense, lease, lend, or rent the App to any third party; or (iii) make the functionality of the App available to multiple users through any means.
4. Except as expressly permitted by law, you may not decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer the App.

Article 4. Purchase

1. We grant you right of use of the App under condition that you pay price offered by us when in need.
2. Prices, payment methods and payment date will be posted on the Site.
3. Except as authorized by us or as required by applicable law, all payments you make through the Services are final and non-refundable.
4. We may make changes to prices and payment methods. If we do so, you will be given notice on the Site.

Article 5. For underage children

1. A minor (under 20 years old) must obtain the consent of the parent or legal guardian (the Parent).
2. We may restrict your maximum purchase price and payment methods in the Service for purchasing in-game currency.
3. If you use the App without consent by the Parent, or pretend you obtained permission, we do not void legal action by reason of you being underage.
4. When you have come of age after registration for the App, you are agreeing on ratifying law.

Article 6. About the Device

1. You shall assume full responsibility for managing the Device, and any action taken on the Device.
2. We do not guarantee that the App can be used with any device or Wireless Network Operator.
3. You shall assume full responsibility for charges caused by accessing the App from the Device.
4. We shall not be held liable for loss, incorrect operation, or damage caused by the third party.

Article 7. Your Data

1. We may collect and use your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
2. You may enjoy data in the Service (items, characters, in-game currency, level, rank, status, etc.), however, you shall not obtain right to use out of how it is set forth by us.
3. We may delete or remove your game data or a part of it without notice if the following matters apply:
(i) Cancellation of the Service
(ii) Outsourcing the App to other service managed by us or the third party
(iii) Your action was determined as a violation of the Terms or other regulation and guideline by us
(iv) We decide to do so in order to manage and maintain the App
(v) You did not choose to receive game data provided by us after a certain period
(vi) We decide to do so because of other reasons
4. We shall not be liable for loss caused by changing or not changing game data except we have serious faults.

Article 8. In-game currency

1. You will be provided electronic cryptocurrency (the “Currency”) through in-app purchases, campaigns or methods offered by us. The Currency enables you to enjoy paid service and content. We will post information about purchase unit, payment methods, effective period and other conditions on the App or the Site.
2. You may not exchange the Currency with service or content not supported by us, or other economic benefit. You may not transfer the Currency to a different account.
3. Except as expressly permitted by law, purchased Currency is non-refundable.

Article 9. Managing your ID and password

1. You may log into the App by ID and password (the “ID”) issued by us or a third party entrusted by us.
2. You shall assume full responsibility for managing your ID, and charge caused with your ID.
3. We shall not be liable for loss or damage caused by the use of your ID by a third party.

Article 10. Prohibited acts

1. You are prohibited from the following:
(i) Violating law or the Terms
(ii) Offending of public order and morals
(iii) Pretending to be working for our company or companies that are related
(iv) Violating personal right, intellectual property right and other rights of us or a third party
(v) Reporting false information to us
(vi) Fabricating and deleting information on the Site and the App.
(vii) Hacking and accessing without authorization
(viii) Impersonating (including using someone’s ID and password)
(ix) Using cheating tool or creating and using tool that operates the App in inappropriate way
(x) Transferring game data on the App (including content and the Currency) to a different account
(xi) Utilizing circumstances, such as malfunction of the App and server to gain one’s or a third party’s profit
(xii) Purchasing or canceling purchase order of service, content and the Currency to make excessive profit or to cause damage to us or a third party.
(xiii) Instigating and supporting actions mentioned above, and actions that are determined as inappropriate by us
2. We may cancel, suspend, or terminate your data and account in our sole discretion without prior notice if you fail to comply with these Terms, or we suspect any other unlawful activity associated with your account. We have no obligation or responsibility to give you reason of such action.
3. We shall not be liable for loss or damage caused by action above.
4. You shall assume full responsibility and compensation for loss and damage caused by the prohibited acts, including attorney’s fees.

Article 11. Termination and suspension

1. Contract between you and us are effective from the day you download or use the App, and ends the day you completely delete the App or we cancel the Service.
2. We may terminate your access to and use of the Services at our sole discretion at anytime with notice to you via the App, the Site, or other appropriate method.
3. We may terminate your access to and use of the Services at anytime without notice to you under following circumstances:
(i) Operate server maintenance for the App
(ii) System handles a heavy traffic due to heavy loads or other reasons
(iii) Strengthen security to prevent unauthorized access
(iv) Beyond the reasonable control of the party affected (the “Force Majeure”). The Force Majeure shall include, but not limited to, act of God, natural disaster, power shortage and so on.
(v) The App becomes out of use by acts or orders of governmental authorities
(vi) We decide to do so at our sole discretion
4. We may cancel, suspend, or terminate your account on the App if your account is inactive (i.e., not used or logged into) for one year.
5. In accordance with the above, we shall not be liable for loss or damage caused by action above.

Article 12. Disclaimer of warranties

1. We shall not make any warranty that the Services will meet your requirements or be available on an uninterrupted, secure, or error-free basis, and we make no warranty that the Service shall be available in every country.
2. App users agree that some or all of this app may be restricted due to changes in the application store’s terms and conditions and operating policies.
3. We shall not make any warranty that your data on the App will not be lost.
4. If we take responsibility, maximum price shall be the amount you purchased in the App or the Service.

Article 13. Others

1. You are agreeing to us disposing all data regarding the App if we entrust a third party by transfer of business, merger, or company split.
2. These Terms and any action related thereto will be governed by the law of Japan. You may have the right to litigate disputes regarding the Terms or the App, with the Osaka Summary Court as the first court of instance, depending on jurisdictional amount.

If you have any inquiries on the Terms, please contact us.

Address: 3-20-9, Toyosaki, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka
Please contact us through the inquiry section on the stores and the Site.

Effective from June 1st, 2016
Modified on July 1st, 2016
Modified on December 7th, 2017
Modified on May 14th, 2018
Last modified on June 7th, 2022