Don't rub your fingerprints away! Fight! Smash! Pummel EVERYONE! Use your Fists and take out the Trash!


  Trash & Fists


  App Store (iPhone, iPad)

  Google Play (Android)


 iOS9 more

 Android4.2 or more is recommended


  Free (with billing within the app)



Enemies will appear in front of you…
Your task - to take them all down. 
They're ugly! Reconstruct their FACES!
Knock'em all out!
Rub away your skin! Feel the heat!
Flick left, right up or down!


>>>> HOW TO PLAY <<<<
STEP 1 - Trash appears. Flick to attack.
STEP 2 - Keep flicking. Send those punches flying!
STEP 3 - Use "AUTORUSH". Feel good!

Activating activity/event tracking or monitoring may cause 
the game to function not as intended.
Please deactivate any tracking.